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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a similar process to conventional methods of permanent makeup but is done using a sterile hand tool carrying a configuration of needles called a blade. By using gentle pressure, the blade glides over the skin implanting carefully selected pigment into the sweet spot between the epidermis and dermis. When healed this looks just like real hair.Because of the super fine implantation of pigment there is very little to no diffusion under the skin, leaving the hairstrokes/design looking crisper and staying truer over time.

Katie Shearer is our certified professional makeup artist here at Brothers Keeper Tattoo Studio. Katie attended classes offered by "Everlasting Brows" were she trained and earned certifications in semipermanent make up and eyebrow enhancement. She is Bloodborne Pathogens Certified to keep you safe from the spread of disease and practices in a clean, safe and sterile environment. She can enhance important features for a more youthful or prominent look as well as give back features taken away due to aging or misfortunes. With artistic precision, Katie will redefine your eyebrows to look permanently gorgeous!

Get in touch with her for a consultation or with any questions under our artist drop down menu  or through our email form on our contact page here!

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